You know massages feel great and are an essential part of a pampered spa day, but you may not realize that massage therapy benefits your health and wellness too.

At Earthy Ruby, we understand the close connection between therapeutic, hands-on tissue manipulation and your mental and physical well-being. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced in targeting specific muscles, bones, and other tissues to optimize their function.

But you don’t need to wait until you experience an injury or illness to take advantage of massage therapy benefits. Here’s why we recommend incorporating massage therapy into your regular wellness routine.

Massage therapy improves your immune system

If you’re interested in preventing sickness and disease, massage therapy may be an important tool in your arsenal. Studies show that massage therapy can significantly improve a compromised immune system by increasing the lymphocytes in your body. These are the cells that fend off bacteria and viruses.

Massage therapy can also drain the toxins from your lymphatic system, freeing it to function properly again. This can help you manage symptoms associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic venous insufficiency.

Massage therapy calms you down and lowers stress

Another immune-system-enhancing feature is that massage therapy decreases the amount of the hormone cortisol coursing through your veins. Cortisol amps up when you’re under stress, and if it remains at high levels for too long, you may develop health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart issues, weight gain, and anxiety.

Massage therapy protects your mental health

Life is busy, work is competitive, and the world news is bleak — that’s a perfect recipe for a mental health breakdown. But you can fortify your mind and stave off mental health issues with regular massage therapy. In addition to relieving stress, massage therapy can treat anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective disorder.

Massage therapy empowers you to stay physically active

Physical activity is essential for your overall health, but if you don’t have the energy to participate, or if injuries and illnesses prevent you from moving much, massage therapy can change all that. By relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation, and reducing pain, massage therapy clears the way for you to exercise regularly. It may even boost your athletic performance.

Massage therapy decreases pain

Chronic pain stops most people from engaging in healthy physical activity, and it also contributes to mental health issues. In combination with other treatments targeting your pain source, massage therapy can complement the efforts.

Long strokes, tissue manipulation, and enhanced blood flow ease tight muscles associated with pain and trigger the release of endorphins, your body’s natural pain killer. For many people, massage therapy reduces the need for medication, including opioids.

If you’d like to incorporate massage therapy into your regular wellness routine, contact us online or by phone to schedule a consultation. Our experts can guide you through your massage therapy options.

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