Most think of massage as a luxurious spa indulgence, but it’s actually an ancient medical practice dating back to 2700 BCE China. Although techniques have evolved over the years, the goals of massage therapy remain the same: to improve health, vitality, and wellness by tapping into the body’s natural resources using manual touch and pressure.


Today, massage therapy is an integral aspect of modern medicine used in multiple medical fields. At Earthy Ruby in Cupertino, California, our experts offer specialized massage therapy to address specific health issues.


One of our most popular services is the prenatal massage because it not only feels good — it does good. Here’s why you should consider massage therapy if you’re pregnant.


How prenatal massage supports your pregnancy


Ideally, pregnancy is a time of joy, reflection, and anticipation, but all too often, it’s fraught with pain, anxiety, and nausea. The negative factors can easily overshadow the positive if you don’t take care of yourself.


Massage therapy alleviates the negative aspects of pregnancy, so you can enjoy this happy stage of life with the following benefits.


Reduces stress and anxiety


Gearing up for childbirth can be scary — especially if this is your first baby. Not knowing what to expect, the anticipation of pain and the constant worry about potential complications can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Massage therapy relaxes your body and mind, so you can release the tension and focus on your baby and your health.


Alleviates pain


Pregnancy hormones, specifically relaxin, prep your body to deliver a baby by loosening your joints, muscles, and ligaments. In some women, relaxin causes the spinal column to loosen excessively, causing misalignment and pain.


Also, as your baby grows, your belly increases and throws off your center of gravity, changing your gait and leading to pain in your legs and back. Massage therapy alleviates these symptoms.


Regulates hormones


Massage therapy keeps your hormones in check during pregnancy by relaxing your mind and body. It can be difficult to manage your emotions when you’re pregnant due to fluctuating hormones, but studies show that two massages a week for five weeks significantly lowers your stress hormones (cortisol and norepinephrine) and raises your “feel good” hormones (dopamine and serotonin).


Well-regulated hormones also reduce your baby’s risk for complications like low birth weight.


Improves sleep


Quality sleep is essential for good overall health and vital for a healthy pregnancy. But pregnancy aches, pains, and worries can keep you from getting solid shuteye. Massage therapy helps you beat insomnia by amping up your serotonin, which triggers the hormone melatonin, telling your body to slow down and sleep.


Reduces inflammation


During pregnancy, your body fluids increase significantly — about 6.5 liters or 15 pounds. The added volume plus the baby’s girth tax your circulatory system and cause edema or swelling. Your ankles are a prime target, but you may also notice a puffy face and swollen fingers. Massage therapy helps your lymphatic system flush out toxins that can build up in the retained fluid and keeps your blood flow running smoothly.


Prenatal massage requires a specialist


Your needs during pregnancy are unique, and not all massage therapists are trained to care for pregnant women. Our highly trained and qualified specialists have years of experience delivering gentle and skilled prenatal massage therapy.


In addition to massage therapy, we also offer prenatal acupuncture and life coaching to enhance and improve your pregnancy, as well as postpartum treatments to accelerate your recovery, support your milk supply, and ward off depression.


Call Earthy Ruby or book online to schedule your prenatal massage therapy session with one of our experts.

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