Sunrise in the east, similar to wood. The ancients called it “Mu Yue Quzhi”.”Curved straight” actually refers to the growth form of a tree, with branches extending upwards and outwards. Since woody has the characteristics of growth and expand, and the liver governs venting, and also governs the qi of rising, so the liver and wood are alike.

Dysfunction of the Liver typically presents as irritability, anger, headaches, dysmenorrhea, belches, bitter taste in the mouth, distension, pain under the costal arches, pain in the upper abdomen, tremors/numbness/stiffness of the limbs, blurry vision, or jaundice. Liver blood stagnation may lead to amenorrhea, blood clotting, or a bearing down sensation with menstruation.

When working too hard, the first thing to maintain is the liver. Because the liver is the organ that collects blood in the body, you have to work hard to store blood. The five elements originally grew in the direction of liver→heart→spleen→lung→kidney. Overworked liver is weak, and the heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys are all affected, and the anger accumulated by overwork can also damage the liver. So you might as well prepare some sour snacks for overtime, such as plums. If an organ in the wood system feels uncomfortable, you can eat more blue foods that are wood. They correspond to the liver and gallbladder of the human body, and contain large amounts of chlorophyll, vitamins and cellulose, which can help the organs to expel toxins from the body. Recommended food: various leafy vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage and spinach

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