About Jennifer Nguyen, RN, BSN, NC-BC,

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Jennifer Nguyen, RN, BSN, NC-BC

Jennifer is a Registered Nurse who practices as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Her passion is to guide clients to optimal health and take their wellness to the next level. Trained in stress management techniques and skillful coaching exploration, clients can improve their wellness and increase their joy and inner peace, even when encountering life’s daily pressures.  

During coaching sessions, Jennifer listens deeply, without judgment, and guides her clients to self-discover what keeps them stuck, unmotivated, or anxious. Together, she assists clients with mapping out achievable wellness goals, followed up with accountability and encouragement to help them stay on track.  

Jennifer is a board-certified Integrative Nurse Coach. She is certified in Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath and she has studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mount Carmel College of Nursing.

Jennifer´s email: nguyenjennifer614@gmail.com

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