It’s a collective American obsession to live well and look young, younger than your years, if possible. Many cosmetic treatments and surgeries exist to help those who choose that route.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) works from the inside out, in many cases, to balance the energies and functions of your body. While anti-aging may not be a primary goal of herbal therapy, it’s a natural byproduct of ancient treatments.

Compared with Western medicine, TCM explains the systems of the body in a poetic and metaphorical way. With centuries of effective treatment of age-related diseases, current clinical studies show that TCM provides some powerful anti-aging properties when examined using contemporary analysis techniques.

Earthy Ruby Holistic Wellness Center can help you navigate the complex field of TCM for maximum health benefits, including the anti-aging benefits you may be after. Today we look at a few traditional herbs that play a big role in keeping your body young.

4 key herbs used in TCM

Herbs always played an important part in Chinese medicine, agents that brought balance and harmony to your body. Herbs were easy to incorporate into the diets of rural, agrarian communities, and in dried and powder form, they were also easy to move into cities.

Herbs aren’t a magical system that work on their own. TCM is holistic, so your lifestyle must support wellness to achieve balance. While beneficial, these herbs are only part of the bigger picture of your overall wellness.

1. Goji berries

Like blueberries, goji berries from northwestern China are loaded with antioxidants that counter many of the effects of aging, like sun exposure. Dried goji berries are readily available, and the fruit can be eaten fresh as well. Tea made with the berries, sipped throughout the day, is an easy way to counter stress and free radicals while boosting the activity of your immune system.

2. Ginseng

The king of herbs in TCM, ginseng is a powerful stress buster, countering the chemical changes that happen in your body when you’re experiencing chronic stress. A natural anti-inflammatory, ginseng is a common dietary supplement in capsule form, and it can also be consumed in teas and juices.

3. Astragalus

Known as huang qi in TCM, dried astragalus roots make an excellent addition to soups and broths, while the greens are often found in Chinese groceries. This plant is a powerful immune system booster, so much so that it may interfere with medications that suppress your immune system.

4. Lingzhi

A mushroom that’s widely used throughout Eastern Asia, lingzhi boosts energy and aids memory. Another immune system booster, lingzhi comes in powders, capsules, and in dried form. Pouring hot water over dried lingzhi makes another sipping drink that will refresh your energy throughout the day.

Adding herbs to your anti-aging plan is a great way to start integrating TCM. Find out more by booking a consultation with our TCM specialists. Contact Earthy Ruby by phone or online to schedule your session today.

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