You can’t beat Cupertino, California, for its moderate, year-round climate, but just because we don’t have harsh winters doesn’t mean the weather shifts (even subtle ones) won’t affect your skin.


To protect your skin from premature aging this winter, visit Earthy Ruby for a deep facial that offers more than just a glorified cleansing. We customize all our facials to address your unique complexion concerns, each targeting different issues. Our hydrofacial takes your treatment to the next level and winter-proofs your face.


What winter does to your face


Facial skin is delicate and susceptible to sun, wind, and pollution damage. Even though Cupertino stays fairly mild through the winter months, the temperature and humidity drops can do a number on your skin.


Indoor heating, fireplaces, and furnaces create a dry heat that pulls moisture from your skin. Dry skin can become flaky, itchy, and wrinkled. Using high-quality cleansers and moisturizers helps, as do cool-mist humidifiers, but nothing nourishes and protects your skin like a hydrofacial.


How our hydrofacial works


All good facials include a cleansing step that removes impurities, and the hydrofacial is not different in that respect. However, the hydrofacial goes beyond the basic facial by incorporating three distinct treatment stages.


1. The cleanse and peel phase


After cleaning your skin and removing the surface dirt, debris, and bacteria, we exfoliate it using an innovative tool that creates a vortex of water to lift off the outer layers — similar to microdermabrasion, only better.


2. The extraction and hydration phase


With the outer layer of dead cells out of the way, the next step focuses on the problems beneath the surface. Our specialists use the hydrofacial tip to pull impurities out of your skin and unclog pores. Unlike other extraction treatments, the hydrofacial uses water, which hydrates your skin as it purifies.


3. The infusion and protection phase


The third stage of your hydrofacial offers a unique blend of boosters and serums that nourish and protect your skin from the elements. Depending on your needs and aesthetic goals, we formulate your personalized hydrofacial boosters to address various issues, such as dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation.


Regular hydrofacials can even stimulate natural collagen production with long-term use.


The benefits of a hydrofacial


Since our hydrofacial addresses multiple complexion issues, you can expect all-over skin improvement and these additional benefits:

  • Smaller-looking pores
  • More even skin tone
  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Brighter, more radiant skin
  • No downtime

Some studies have shown that facials using water as an abrasive and infused serums to nourish the tissues can thicken your skin and increase its antioxidants.


Schedule your hydrofacial at Earthy Ruby by calling or requesting an appointment online.

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